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Plain and simple, Porsche Connect changes the way you live your life, and how you enjoy your Sports Car. From helping you pre-plan your trips to more thoroughly enjoying your time on the road, the Porsche Connect system ensures you’re living your best life at all times. Whether you’re a first-time Porsche buyer or you’re a long-standing Porsche enthusiast, the team here at our Porsche dealership in San Diego, CA, is ready to get you set up and fully taking advantage of the Porsche Connect technology in your car!

What is Porsche Connect?

The Porsche Connect module is a collection of intelligent services and apps that help you manage your life on and off the road. From enhancing the driver-and-vehicle relationship to making your job behind the wheel that much easier, the Porsche Connect technologies let you live the life of luxury you’ve always dreamed of. Stop worrying about the little things and let Porsche Connect take over for you!

How Does Porsche Connect Work?

Porsche Connect can be controlled from inside your new Porsche, but also through your smartphone or Apple Watch®. The Porsche Connect Portal serves as your home base, allowing you to configure Porsche Connect services from outside your vehicle at any time. That means you can check to see if your doors are locked or if you’re windows are open from anywhere you are, plus you can keep a close eye on driving statistics and vehicle data.

You can remain more focused on the road when driving, too, thanks to Porsche Connect. You can send and receive messages with Apple CarPlay™ and the Siri® voice recognition system, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. With the Porsche Connect App, which you can download for your iOS device, you can even sync your calendar and destinations with your Porsche vehicle to more easily transition from home to on-the-go. There’s even a number of options through the Porsche Connect module that assist you with planning and preparing for trips before they even begin.

Porsche Connect also boasts the Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (PVTS). If your vehicle is stolen, you will receive a notification and text message, in addition to the incident being reported to a 24/7 Security Operating Center.

What is the Difference Between Porsche Connect and Porsche Connect Plus?

The Porsche Connect Plus module includes all the benefits of the Porsche Connect system, plus it gives you integrated wireless internet access. Stream videos and surf the internet from anywhere on the map. You also get Navigation & Infotainment Services, which includes real-time traffic information, online map updates, online searches and Google Earth™. With Information Services, you can do everything from checking fuel prices in the area to checking flight info to finding the nearest E-Charging station.

Porsche Connect Plus also features the Porsche Track Precision App, ensuring you can hone your racing skills no matter where you go. From automatic lap time recording to video analysis, this app helps you improve your driving skills as you ride. This perk is perfect for Porsche enthusiasts who want to take their driving skills to the next level!

Which New Porsche Models Have Porsche Connect or Porsche Connect Plus?

  • Porsche 718 Boxster
  • Porsche 718 Cayman
  • Porsche 911
  • Porsche Panamera
  • Porsche Macan
  • Porsche Cayan

To learn even more about Porsche Connect, or to test-drive a new Porsche Sports Car that is equipped with Porsche Connect, we invite you to come visit Porsche San Diego at your earliest convenience. We look forward to sending you off on in your dream car!

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