Compare 2019 Porsche Macan vs 2019 BMW X3

2019 Porsche Macan vs 2019 BMW X3

2019 Porsche Macan vs 2019 BMW X3

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The automobile industry is experiencing a rebirth to some degree. The 21st century has introduced a whole new lineup of innovative vehicles, and the crossover vehicle personifies this notion to the fullest. These marvelous road-going machines deliver top-of-the-line performance and supreme luxury. The 2019 Porsche Macan and the 2019 BMW X3 are two of the top contenders in this exclusive field, but which one of these crossovers truly has the advantage? Well, this short article is designed to give the automobile enthusiasts, a better perspective of what BMW and Porsche have to offer.

Performance Features

The 2019 Porsche Macan is a marvel of automotive excellence thanks to its exceptional handling, its outstanding steering, and its quick bursts of speed. Macan's base model starts with providing 250 horsepower from a four-cylinder engine. This engine is turbocharged, but the V6 version of this engine produces a whopping 340 horsepower. Getting off the line won't be a problem thanks to Porsche's all-wheel-drive traction, and its seven-speed gearbox will thrust the vehicle from 0 to 60 mpg in 5.3 seconds. Of course, the latter numbers come from the upgraded version. For city driving, the 2019 Macan should provide up to 20 mpg.

The 2018 BMW X3 stands out with its inline four-cylinder engine. This particular engine is turbocharged to perfection. Drivers will get up to 248 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque from this 2.0-liter engine. Feeling each shift is possible thanks to the X3's powerful bursts of torque as it reaches 1,450 rpm. BMW's High-Precision Direct Injection provides a smooth and thrilling ride. The Dynamic-Stability Control system will help keep the X3 under control while on slippery terrain, and it will modulate the engine's power. The BMW X3's balanced chassis can almost get 50/50 weight distribution.


The Porsche Macan has sophisticated looks that scream excellence. Its taillight strip is one of the vehicle's best features, and it becomes active once the four-point brakes are activated. This exterior is rather pleasing as it mimics the classic 911 in subtle ways. The rear of the vehicle is very broad, which gives off an athletic silhouette. The quadruple exhausts and the horizontal, blacked-out grille adds the right amount of aggressiveness.

The BMW X3 has a much taller profile, which provides up to eight inches of ground clearance. The side grooves along the doors create depth, and the signature BMW grille prominently identifies that this vehicle is a BMW. The lower fog-lights and vents can be a bit of a distracting at times, but this exterior has a cool vibe.

Interior Layout

The Porsche Macan has a roomy cabin that's comfortable for taller individuals. The front seats actually sit high for giving the driver a better view of the road. There's a huge 10.9-inch touchscreen display that commands attention. This touchscreen will display in full-HD resolution, it has a personalized start screen, and it houses a ton of media applications. Its center console and steering wheel are in close proximity to the driver, which is great for ease of use.

The BMW X3 also has an enormous touchscreen display that's 12.3 inches. This cabin looks like the cockpit of a fighter jet. The advanced-iDrive technology is voice commanded as you can talk your way through multiple apps. Navigation, weather alerts, and SiriusXM radio can be accessed with relative ease. BMW has a wonderful heads-Up display that shows the vehicle's speed on the windshield. This cabin is really great, but it could definitely use more legroom. Wi-Fi, and wireless charging rounds out the innovative features.

Though the BMW X3 excels in innovative-entertainment features, the Porsche Macan dominates in every other aspect of this competition. Stop by Porsche of San Diego for an up close and personal ride in the all-new Macan.

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